The SQDG is changing our meeting day, and would like to know your thoughts on which day we should meet on. We would also like to hear from you about what topics we should try to cover this year. We would also like to know what topics you would like to lead a discussion on!

Our home for the season (Thanks Oildex!) is 
205 5 Ave SW- 3rd floor, Mezzanine Level

Our meetings for Next year need to be booked soon and we would like to know if you prefer meeting on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

The next meeting will be in January 2018
Hi, before we begin, please introduce yourself. What's your name? *

What day of the week should we meet on: Tuesday or Wednesday? *

Default will be on Wednesday, unless we get more votes for Tuesday of course!

What topics would you like to discuss this year? *

Thanks again {{answer_62200277}}. Since our group thrives on participation, what topic would you like to lead a discussion on? *

One more question. We have been asked a few times to open up the sessions via conference call or webinar so that members not able to attend physically can still participate.

Do you think this would be a good addition to our discussions, and are you OK with possibly being on camera? *

Thank you {{answer_62200277}}!

If you would like to join in with ongoing discussions within the group, you can join us on slack or LinkedIn.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/1884463
Slack: https://sqdg.slack.com

register for the SQDG channel at https://sqdg-slack.herokuapp.com/
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